Voice-driven fleet management system for agricultural operations

The project

V-AgriFleet project refers to the development of an innovative agricultural fleet management application which has as a central functional feature the voice-driven provision and receiving of real-time information. The application is a decentralized fleet management tool for heterogeneous fleets independently of the machines’ brand names and specifications. It provides operators the complete communication by his/her own voice without any manual interaction with the interface which cost in time from and concentration to other parallel tasks. V-AgriFleet is a FIWARE based application incorporating a series of enablers (e.g. PEP Proxy - Wilma, AuthZForce, Orion Context Broker) that is targeted to various customer groups, such as farmers and farmers associations, machinery contractors and manufactures.


mls_logoThe project beneficiary is MLS Multimedia SA (MLS). MLS was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 aiming at the development of web technologies, telematics applications, multimedia software and software protection. MLS has developed “MLS Destinator Talk&Drive” that is the leading Navigation product in the Greek Market (60% market share). MLS Talk&Drive utilizes Speech Recognition & Synthesis as a primary interface for the user. It’s integrated into a number of different devices, such as PDAs, smartphones and tablets. MLS is also the largest company in development, publishing and distributing of Greek Multimedia titles in Greece. In July 2012, MLS released in the Greek market the first Greek Android Smartphone and Tablet with Artificial Intelligence & Voice Recognition. MLS is the inventor of the MLS Laserlock software protection system and has been awarded the 1998 European Information Technology Grand Prize Winner. MLS expertise is in the area of Intelligent and Audiovisual Navigation and Fleet Management Systems operating on multiple platforms (Mobile Inter-Connected Device, pocket-PC, PNA, SmartPhones). These systems utilize services to provide enhanced functionality with real-time data. The company has a record of creating innovative products that ensure the best value for its customers, based on a strong commitment to research and development (R&D). These continued investments in the R&D sector, combined with a focus on innovative solutions, spur MLS to continuously offer more advanced and useful products to its' current markets, while also expanding into new sectors that promote technology. MLS is operated in a various foreign countries, such as Germany, Turkey, Chile and Middle East. Finally, MLS was also included into the first thousands of companies in R&D in Europe for 2011.

Work Packages

WP1 Project Management
Project planning, progress reports, cost statements, budgetary overviews, risk monitoring, and communication between the team members.

WP2 Final conceptualisation of the application
The WP includes the task of the definition of the user requirements and the task of the functionality specification of the application.

WP3 Development of the application
The WP represents the main development phase of the project where the technical specifications (will be defined and finalised. In this phase all selected FIWARE enablers will be incorporated in the final system along with the existing technologies of MLS (voice driven systems, navigation functionalities, etc.) and new modules that will be required for the interconnection of the existing ones.

WP4 Product testing and validation
The objective of WP4 is to test the modules and the overall system against the specifications as well as to prove the functionality in a pilot test with users.

WP5 Market/Business Plan
The aim of this WP is to elaborate on the exploitation of the application to optimise its market performance with the experience collected during the project.

WP6 Dissemination of results
The aims of this WP are: to developing a strategy for international communication to the targets groups; the commercial visibility to target groups through organisation of workshops; to produce dissemination material for workshops/fairs/ in electronic format.

News & Events